Robotics Case Study


Allowing you to innovate in your industry while maintaining accounting regulations

You won an SBIR now how do you deal with all the paper work? 



The robotics industry has been around since the 1950’s, but the real innovation is taking place today. 

We’re seeing robots in manufacturing and in our homes and it will be interesting to see what the next ten years hold.  The Government is doing its part by supporting this rapidly growing category through the placement of various grants. 

When our robotics client won their first SBIR grant, they were suddenly faced with the daunting task of setting up an accounting system.  The PhD’s on staff had little time or interest in deciphering the arduous governmental rules.  The SBIR guidelines require that the bookkeeping must be totally accurate.  For example, if the company did not spend the money correctly they could face painful sanctions and the potential loss of future grant awards. 

We solved the problem by setting up a software platform that was tailored to the specific needs.  The grant requirements were defined and incorporated into the bookkeeping processes to help ensure efficient compliance.  They received training, and have access to our company for on-going support.  

The client received a cost effective, efficient system which created very little distraction.  This has helped them to focus on developing their concepts and building the robots of the future.

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