Accounting (Tailored for Tech Companies)

Accounting, Tailored for Tech Companies

Bookkeeping systems are almost always too simplistic, yielding little guidance, or too complex, resulting in a waste of time and resources. Our goal with every client is to create a balanced bookkeeping system that can grow with the company. To get there, we first examine the current system, make needed changes to make sure it’s in tune with the company’s needs, and then provide training to minimize future mistakes and costs. Once the basic bookkeeping foundation is running smoothly, we then encourage more robust reporting systems to help management make informed decisions.


Many technology companies outsource functions of their business so that their internal team can focus on core competencies, and accounting is often a prime function to outsource. Whether clients outsource the bookkeeping, controller, CFO or some combination of these functions, partnering with SofwareCPAs allows clients to have an expert on their team without redundancy and without incurring the risk of having to rely on one internal employee for accounting functions. 


Small businesses often ask a generalist, “jack-of-all trades” employee to handle the company’s bookkeeping. With a little support and training, we can help the employee navigate the learning curve and effectively handle the books.


Internal Controls

It’s often helpful to ask for an unbiased opinion, and, in accounting, that often means asking an outside professional to evaluate your company’s operations to determine if appropriate controls are in place. Not only does it help ensure proper handling of resources and guard against theft, but it also provides the opportunity to assess internal controls to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of operating procedures. SoftwareCPAs’ findings and recommendations will help your company become stronger and more profitable.          

Governmental – SBIR (Small Business Innovation Grant) and DCAA Contracting

Complying with governmental grant and contract rules and regulations can be challenging, particularly when it deviates from a company’s other bookkeeping processes. Worse, if a grant or contract is set up improperly, the result can be painful delays and errors, further risking your chances to renew or win more contracts. SoftwareCPAs know this, and we efficiently tailor every bookkeeping system to abide by governmental rules. Clients have come to rely on our help to set up their accounting system, provide training and handle the entire bookkeeping function. 

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