Growth Consulting

Growth Consulting

Your goals can probably be summarized by one word … scale. Whether you’re looking to grow sales, reduce risk or stabilize value, we’ve grouped several of our core services into this unique growth consulting category, with each strategy focused on freeing up more of your money so that you can reinvest and scale your business even faster.

Spending Studies

Uncovering poorly deployed spending—from under-used monthly subscriptions to overpriced vendors—and making strategic changes based on your discoveries can be just as valuable to the bottom line as landing a new customer. Our formal Cost Cutting Review ™ process will analyze spending and highlight areas that may need attention. Resulting savings can then be redeployed back into more important areas of the business—allowing your money to work as hard as you do.

Funding and Equity Transactions

Talent, hard work and fresh ideas are needed to scale any business, but every company needs proper financing and adequate capitalization to fuel the fires of growth and attract the best leadership and staff. Organizations also need a way to tell their story of success and growth, and SoftwareCPAs—through our expertise and experience working in the technology segment—enables us to turn your financial projections into a recruitment story. We also regularly leverage our large network of venture capitalists, lenders, angel investors and attorneys to connect clients with the resources they need. 

Stock Options Management

The potential for scalability draws the best minds to the technology segment, and high-level, career-minded people often expect some version of ownership participation from their employer. Whether it’s through stock options, phantom stock or a straight-up stock purchase, employee ownership means establishing a stock-monitoring system—and that can be a procedural landmine, as an error in a vesting schedule or an overly simplified business valuation can cost a company dearly. SoftwareCPAs has the experience and resources to make this process secure, economical and accurate. 

Merger, Acquisition and Succession Planning

Succession planning is often an area to which business owners don’t pay enough attention, but a poorly executed plan can result in under-valuation, higher taxes and greater risk. Whether you are looking to acquire, merge or sell, planning is critical. We often begin working with clients at least a year in advance of a transaction, starting with a valuation diagnostic that helps identify opportunities and weaknesses so that a client can capitalize or correct, thereby increasing their value.     

Business Valuation

A formal business valuation is needed to understand the value of stock in the event of a change in ownership, divorce or even for life insurance. SoftwareCPAs’ industry focus helps us better understand technology business models—and their unique opportunities and threats—so that we can uncover hidden intellectual property and other off-balance sheet assets that can affect valuation. Also important is the payout schedule, financing rates and tax planning.

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