Advanced Reporting and Systems Development

Advanced Reporting and Systems Development

There are a lot of accountants who are good at preparing generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) statements. And for sure, these historical financial statements go a long way in helping an individual file simple taxes or obtain a loan, but they’re not very useful in running a technology business. The statements can’t tell you the cost of acquiring a new customer, when you’ll run out of cash, or where your best opportunities lie. But, SoftwareCPAs’ Advanced Reporting and Systems Development services can—while giving you a greater competitive advantage and more clarity.

Lean Analytics

The concept of lean is not new, especially when it comes to software. Still, many businesses preach lean but aren’t as effective on the execution. Why? Usually because of inferior accounting practices. SoftwareCPAs can help, by setting up proper measurement systems that will clearly show you—as you cycle through projects and new releases—when to pivot.

Software Integration

In small- and medium-size technology business, it’s not unusual to find separate systems for bookkeeping, customer relationship management, time tracking and inventory control. And although it’s easy to connect, for example, SalesForce to QuickBooks, it’s not always effective. Each product, after all, was originally implemented when little thought was given to the benefit of linking them together. We can work through each system’s legacy framework, however, and set up fresh links and processes that result in a more reliable integration and offer greater insights, such as real-time customer and job profitability reporting, employee productivity indicators and reliable sales projections.  

Predictive Indicators

Technology businesses need forward-looking data to make decisions, and, as students of predictive indicators, we work with companies to develop their own crystal balls. We’ll create simple, digestible reports to pin-point opportunities and challenges. And, we’ll develop solutions—integrating systems, measuring employee productivity, or developing unusual dataset plugins or creative surveys—to give our clients a tactical advantage over the competition.

Audit, Review, Compilation, Other Attest

Regulatory groups such as banks, boards and customers may require a generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) set of financial reports to judge the soundness of your technology company. SoftwareCPAs can prepare them for you, following a predefined set of rules that result in a reliable and trusted outcome. We also look for ways to produce what’s needed in the most cost-effective ways: Audit work can sometimes be referred to our network of low-cost partners while, in other cases, we may improve your internal controls, resulting in even lower audit costs now and in the future.

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